Starting November 1st, all employers must use the newest edition of the Form I-9 dated 8/01/2023.
The 2019 version of the form will no longer be compliant after October – starting November 1st, employers who fail to use the 08/01/23 edition of Form I-9 may be subject to applicable fines and penalties.
One of the most significant updates in the revised Form I-9 is the introduction of an alternative procedure allowing for remote document examination.  The new form provides a checkbox that permits employers registered with E-Verify to indicate they have remotely reviewed the employee’s identity and employment authorization documents. This alternative procedure is only available to employers enrolled in the E-Verify program. 
Here is a link to the new form: Form I-9 (Version 8/01/2023)
Stay compliant and make the transition to the current Form I-9 before November 1st!
For more information on I-9 and E-Verify compliance, please contact our office.